Playing guitar and singing have been present in my family across generations just like the never ending journeys between Europe and the Americas. I started out as a blues musician when Phil Guy called me on stage when I was only seventeen. Then I traveled and discovered Flamenco, Rumba, Gypsy Jazz, New Orleans Jazz and Latin Classics. For a while, I was torn between my Mediterranean old roots and the music from the new world but when I arrived in New Orleans, it all came together. One day, I was performing in a bar on Bourbon St and people kept shouting: “Hey, play something Italian!” so I started singing old Italian Classics with a Gypsy Jazz twist. I thought I was just having fun, but it worked so well that I started singing Spanish, French and American songs.… and twenty years later I'm still exploring it.


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432Hz Music? 

The reasons why I tune my instruments a little lower than the accepted standard is that I love how it sounds and how it makes me feel. Over the internet there are numerous discussions about changing the A4 which is the reference tuning note from 440Hz to 432Hz. It is only 8Hz and only people with trained ears would tell, but there have been experiments in which the subjects had to listen to the same piece of music in both versions and the majority preferred the one tuned to 432Hz.

Considering that music is…

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