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     I love the pure sounds of acoustic guitars. When I play these instruments, I get lost and transported into an imaginary world where aesthetics, and divine beauty rule. Music is so compelling that I have made it my profession. Touching the woods of a guitar connects me with Nature and humans’ best efforts combined through the ages.

Italian Gypsy Jazz tells the story of the union of an Italian man in love with classical beauty and melody, the passion, rhythms and freedom of gypsies, and the improvisation of blues, swing and  jazz.

Daniele Spadavecchia performs Gypsy Jazz, Swing, Latin & Classical  guitar in New Orleans. He sings in Italian, English and Spanish from crooners to jazz to Italian tradition. He has performed in Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, DC, Las Vegas and Europe and recorded various CDs. You can book him as a soloist, duo, trio , quartet and quintet.

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