Do you want to learn guitar and become a virtuoso?

-I teach Blues, Rock, Latin and Jazz from beginner level to advanced.

-I am a singer and also know how to play bass and piano and syntesizers, so I can help you with that too.

-I speak Italian, English and Spanish.

All levels welcome, more than 20 years of teaching experience. Solid method for rhythm, solo playing and correct posture. I will teach you the basics for any guitar style of your choice starting from where you are and go as far as you desire.


My guitar adventure started when I was 11 as I picked up my dad's instrument and started teaching myself how to play it. By the age of 16 I was already practing daily and starting to play in bands and that's when I understood music was more than just fun for me: it was my life passion!

Soon I started taking solfege and guitar lessons first with my uncle Marco Amelotti who is now a retired professor of classical guitar from the conservatories of Novara and Pinerolo and then jazz harmony and improvisation with Armando Corsi in Genoa. At the same time I was supporting my musical growth by working in the local theater as a stage aid and builder and as a soundtech for live events.

At age 22 I moved to Tuscany where I finally started playing professionally and a year later I also began teaching private guitar lessons. Once my music career was going, I kept specializing in modern guitar with different teachers like Walter Davi and Stefano Cirasaro, until I also took summer courses at Umbria Jazz with the well known Berklee College of Music.

When I moved to Rome 7 years later, I immediately started teaching in private music schools like Ciac 2 and 3 and Musica Nova building up and retaining about 50 students a week in one on one lessons and in addition a few collective classes in theory and music ensemble. I was also performing regularly with 3 bands and other projects. In Rome I also took a specialization in Orff Method, a special system to introduce kids to music and movement as if they were a series of fun games.

After a visit to Granada and Barcelona, I decided to learn Flamenco and gypsy jazz, so I enrolled in a Flamenco school called La Posada Del Potro. In 2002 I moved to New Orleans where I expanded my knowledge of gypsy jazz with Tony Green who learned with Fapy Lafertin in Belgium. There I discovered that my time to take lessons was over and that I would learn directly while playing with musicians who had more experience than me.

After Hurricane Kathrina, I taught for about 50-60 one on one students at Kirk's Studio for Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ directing also group lessons and summer camps. In the meantime, I was also starting my own gypsy jazz project, playing for a Greek band and a rumba Flamenco duo.

When I moved to San Diego a year later, I started teaching for El Rayo music shop and New Music Expressions building up also a following of private students lasting for 6 years. There I combined my Italian heritage with gypsy and mediterranean/latin jazz becoming very popular locally and receiving engagements all the way to Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

As I turned 40, I joined Mesa College to review and update my music knowledgeb and also deepen the study of classical guitar technioque and repertoire for 2 years. At that time I also started studying piano as my new musical horizon which I am still continuing.

In 2013 I went back to New Orleans for 3 years (I always end up there once in a while!) to enjoy my musical maturity with the incredible and variegated music scene at night and studying jazz and classical piano and synthesizer during the day.

In Santa Fe between 2016 and 2018, I found a place where my maturity as a mediterranean guitar player will always have a home and I am now in Languedoc region of South France.

As you can see, I have never stopped learning and so shouldn't you!

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2016