Do you want to learn guitar and become a virtuoso?

-I teach Blues, Rock, Latin and Jazz from beginner level to advanced.

-I am a singer and also know how to play bass and piano and syntesizers, so I can help you with that too.

-I speak Italian, English and Spanish.

All levels welcome, more than 20 years of teaching experience. Solid method for rhythm, solo playing and correct posture. I will teach you the basics for any guitar style of your choice starting from where you are and go as far as you desire.


My guitar adventure started when I was 11 as I picked up my dad's instrument and started teaching myself how to play it. By the age of 16 I was already practing daily and starting to play in bands and that's when I understood music was more than just fun for me: it was my life passion!

Soon I started taking solfege and guitar lessons first with my uncle Marco Amelotti who is now a retired professor of classical guitar from the conservatories of Novara and Pinerolo and then jazz harmony and improvisation with Armando Corsi in Genoa. At the same time I was supporting my musical growth by working in the local theater as a stage aid and builder and as a soundtech for live events.

At age 22 I moved to Tuscany where I finally started playing professionally and a year later I also began teaching private guitar lessons. Once my music career was going, I kept specializing in modern guitar with different teachers like Walter Davi and Stefano Cirasaro, until I also took summer courses at Umbria Jazz with the well known Berklee College of Music.

When I moved to Rome 7 years later, I immediately started teaching in private music schools like Ciac 2 and 3 and Musica Nova building up and retaining about 50 students a week in one on one lessons and in addition a few collective classes in theory and music ensemble. I was also performing regularly with 3 bands and other projects. In Rome I also took a specialization in Orff Method, a special system to introduce kids to music and movement as if they were a series of fun games.

After a visit to Granada and Barcelona, I decided to learn Flamenco and gypsy jazz, so I enrolled in a Flamenco school called La Posada Del Potro. In 2002 I moved to New Orleans where I expanded my knowledge of gypsy jazz with Tony Green who learned with Fapy Lafertin in Belgium. There I discovered that my time to take lessons was over and that I had to be good enough to absorb directly while playing with musicians who had more experience than me, at least in their field.

After Hurricane Kathrina, I taught for about 50-60 one on one students at Kirk's Studio for Performing Arts in Scottsdale, AZ directing also group lessons and summer camps. In the meantime, I was also starting my own gypsy jazz project, playing for a Greek band and a rumba Flamenco duo.

When I moved to San Diego a year later, I started teaching for El Rayo music shop and New Music Expressions building up also a following of private students lasting for 6 years. There I combined my Italian heritage with gypsy and mediterranean/latin jazz becoming very popular locally and receiving engagements all the way to Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.

As I turned 40, I joined Mesa College to review and update my music knowledgeb and also deepen the study of classical guitar technioque and repertoire for 2 years. At that time I also started studying piano as my new musical horizon which I am still continuing.

In 2013 I went back to New Orleans for 3 years (as a jazz and blues player, I always end up there for a while!) to enjoy my musical maturity with the incredible and variegated music scene at night and studying jazz and classical piano and synthesizer during the day.

As you can see, I have never stopped learning and so shouldn't you!

© Daniele Spadavecchia 2016